It's the story of a young man who wanted to create his own business
to share his passion with others...

My philosophy

« Everyone has something interesting to say about wine. »

Don’t have preconceptions about your personal feelings; everyone has a different palate and, therefore, a different experience. Maybe the next wine you taste will please you while not appealing to your neighbor. So what? Do you think your neighbor is better than you? They have the right not to like a certain wine, just like you!

The important thing is to take pleasure; otherwise, it’s pointless!

for individuals

The sommelier is coming over for dinner tonight!

The time of an evening, you won’t have to worry about anything except enjoying the moment.
Tonight, give yourself a break, settle comfortably on your couch, and savor the pleasure!

I offer various workshops based on your current desires:

Introduction to tasting

Learn to analyze a wine, describe it in a few sentences, and pair it with a dish.

(4 wines tasted, average duration 1 hour and 30 minutes)

Starting from €45 excluding taxes per person.

Food pairings and wines

Understand how to pair a dish with a meal during a convivial moment.

(4 wines tasted along with a selection of artisanal products, fine charcuterie, and farm cheese to accompany the wine. Average duration 1 hour and 30 minutes)

Starting from €65 excluding taxes per person.

Prestige Tasting

The finest bottles are selected, luxury glassware, and optimal service for a great moment of pleasure!

(Customized pricing and organization, please contact me)

for businesses

Planning a professional event? I can fulfill all your requests according to your needs.

Enjoy a relaxing moment after the workday. Buffet set up according to the seasons.

Want to boost your team? Join the competition for the best taster! Mini-games around wine, quizzes, and blind tasting.

A member of the crew is leaving the ship? Toast to their health with my current sparkling selection.

About me

I had the opportunity to work in a Michelin-starred restaurant, as well as in a wine bar run by a former sommelier of a renowned chef. This experience allowed me to taste wines that deeply moved me, and it is only natural that I want to share these discoveries with you today!

The wines I choose are primarily from winemakers. I have a preference for biodynamic wines, which have a unique energy, but most importantly, they have to taste good!

The work of winemakers is a passionate profession. These individuals spend almost the entire year caring for their vines to create a unique product that reflects who they are

That’s what I want to share with you!

Contact me

I respond to all your inquiries within the day.
For specific requests, please specify your needs as much as possible; the quote is free!